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  • SBA announces National Small Business Week to be held from April 29 – May 5, 2018. The SBA will recognize outstanding small business owners from around the country and conduct virtual events, roundtable discussions and educational opportunities throughout the SBA’s 10 Regions and 68 Districts.
  • The SBA has also made some significant positive changes in 2018. These changes make acquisition loans more attractive and attainable. Small business lending at big banks and institutional lenders hit new highs last month and has nearly doubled from the low. The current business-friendly political climate along with tax reform and deregulation has people thinking about becoming entrepreneurs. If you have been waiting for the right time to sell your business, the time is now.

Two New Intermediaries In Tulsa

  • The CBI Team Tulsa office is growing with the addition of two new Intermediaries to the team. Roy Still the Managing Partner would like to introduce Jeff Pickle and Patrick Sullivan. Jeff is an experienced marketing professional, entrepreneur and small business consultant,  Patrick has been a professional business intermediary for several years in California and Oklahoma as well as a small business owner himself.

Big Fish

Every day the CBI TEAM is meeting with and helping Main Street Business Owners, Moms and Pops, who are faced with the daunting prospect of preparing their business for sale to enable them to retire with dignity and financial security.

We understand their needs and can help them through our certified business review process which is free to them.
In the course of working with Moms and Pops we are also finding Moms and Pops who have grown their businesses off Main Street and into the lower middle market M&A pool, the BIG FISH!
While the business has grown, the pool of potential buyers has shrunk because of the expertise and financial resources required to catch the BIG FISH.
The BIG FISH is also called a ‘Tweener. It’s between a Main Street business (too big) and a true M&A (mergers & acquisitions) too small.

A ‘Tweener. That’s where the CBI TEAM shines, helping the ‘Tweeners and matching them up with the smaller pool of buyers and helping them find the deal that works for both.
We’ll leave the M&A size transactions to the Merrill Lynches and Wall Street top feeders.
We know our market and how to work in it.
Are you Main Street or BIG FISH?
Whichever you are, the CBI TEAM network of offices can help.

by Carl Grimes

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